By: Carlos Antonio Martinez, Jr., 32º, P:.V:.M:.K:.

The modern practice of the three Symbolic Degrees, also known as: “Blue Lodge Degrees”, differs quite notably from that of our ancient and primitive Masonic Doctrines; Most in particular, those professed by our fore brothers and sisters at the beginning of the19th century. Nowadays, Freemasonry undertakes a struggle face-to-face, body-to-body, against obscurantism, tyranny, and indifference.


Semi-nude and defenseless, blindfolded and hopeless, just like another unfortunate "heretic" dragged by a rope around his neck on his way to the gallows; Without money, without support. Having no other resource in such a lamentable state, except that of his sole physical strength, the candidate represents the mute and desolate masses of the people. Superstition blinds him/her; Ignorance makes him/her impotent; His/her body is subject to the heavy chains of Tyranny; His/her soul is subjugated to the Despotism of organized religion, to the Priests and Pastors who labor in the name of a God proclaimed as one of Clemency and Love, yet, ever-ready to exterminate those who dare to escape his yoke by setting aside their fanatical religious beliefs and fears. Poor and humiliated, visionless and voiceless, but feeling an irresistible attraction toward the Great Light, the aspirant knocks at the inner door of our Temple, which eventually harbors him/her, and after returning to him/her the conscience of his/her dignity as a Man/Woman, grants him/her his/her rightful place among better men and women, among equals, among Brothers and Sisters.


Only Education, the acquisition of Knowledge, the culture of Natural Intelligence can make the male or female a Man or Woman. Only they can make him/her Master or Mistress of him/herself; Lord/Lady and Monarch of his/her creation(s), for he/she is the Sole Proprietor and King of that generation from which Existence is nothing more but its consequence.

The 1st Degree has already taught the neophytes/people to stand on their feet with their heads up-high, because this degree is made up of men/women equal to ALL Men and Women, The new inductees/people will now learn in the 2nd Degree that it is not by means of desperation, excesses or vengeance, but rather, through Prudence, Character, Moderation and Justice that they will be able to conquer their social, religious and political liberties. That Political Liberty idealized and modeled in our Lodges, and that Freedom of Religion, which in all its radiant plenitude, has been solely insured among most nations of the world by the Masonic Dogma.


Our legendary Master Hiram Abiff is a personification of Rational, Physical, Intellectual and Spiritual Liberties. His infamous slayers are: the Ignorance of the Political Parties' Oligarchy, the Lethal, Envious and Intolerant Union of Church and State, and the Fanaticism and Superstition of the masses based on their political and/or religious creeds. The Resurrection of Hiram symbolizes the indomitable energy of the higher power of that Spirit of Liberty which, whenever sacrificed, will rise again and will stand still forever, regardless of the strength and might of its enemies and detractors.

The Master Mason is, consequently, indissolubly bonded to the cause of Liberty of all countries of the earth. He/She becomes Apostle of Instruction for all men and women; the Mortal Enemy of all forms of despotism and intolerance.

In short, the Duty which masters this triple teaching is: that every Freemason MUST do everything in order to practice and realize these Doctrines in all their amplitude while always following a Path of Honor and Decorum.