By: Carlos Antonio Martinez, Jr., 32º, V:.P:.M:.K:.

The “cult” and/or method of individual and/or collective worship practiced by our Brethren, which our detractors, the uninitiated and misinformed insist on labeling as: "Masonic Religion", IS NOT a Theology in the ecclesiastical sense of the word, nor is it a Philosophy like Plato's or Kant's; But, rather, a Living Wisdom, a Practical Moral Mysticism veiled by allegories and illustrated with signs, symbols and dramas. The "Masonic Religion" is simple and profound, because it interprets Life spiritually, and by so doing, it is therefore subjected to the same trials and investigations as any other interpretation, belief and/or creed concerning the significance and origin of life and, as such, it is also exposed to negations and/or equivocated comprehensions. Our fraternity IS NOT a religious congregation which endorses or adheres itself to any particular faith. The Masonic Brotherhood IS an institution where men and women of ALL religions and doctrines can coincide, provided that nobody compels the other(s) to think alike in the particulars of his/her opinion(s) concerning his/her individual notion of Deity.

The structure of the speculative phase of our Order is like one of the many monumental cathedrals and other places of worship constructed by our operative fore brothers and sisters in the past. Faith is its foundation; Rectitude is its cornerstone; Strength and Wisdom are its pillars; Fraternal Love are its walls; the Holy Scriptures (IF applicable) are its lamps and Charity its incense. Our Fraternity, just like Mohammedanism and Judaism, has also its own Sacred Legislations. These legislations have generated laws and rules of order, which are and have been inspired on principles superior to the circumstances amidst which they were conceived. These are legislations synthesized in the sovereignty of the Great Architect Of The Universe and the Love to our fellow beings. Freemasonry, like Buddhism, asks that we fill our hearts with Faith; That we liberate ourselves of impure desires and bastard sentiments; That we keep our souls free of evil yearnings, of ignorance, of doubt, of wickedness, of envy; That we practice Charity, that Beautiful Charity of Buddha. Freemasonry, just like True-Gnostic Christianity, CAN NOT suddenly alleviate physical ailments and is incapable of changing the sad and cruel position of the oppressed over night; However, it opens the eyes of the justice-seeker illuminating the unfortunate and discouraged souls, by giving them knowledge, by inspiring them with love for their fellow beings, and by preaching to them the foundation of a society based on Mutual Service, not only among us, Freemasons, but among all Men and Women.

BETWEEN RELIGION AND FREEMASONRY, THERE ARE NO INCOMPATIBILITIES! The first, is nothing but the vehicle or bridge which unites humanity with their God(s); The second, has the purpose of tightening the relations between men and women, gathering them inside that Temple where distinctions of Creed (Political and/or Religious), Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation and Social Status ARE NOT admissible. Our Fraternity considers "Brothers" and “Sisters” ALL Men and Women, of ALL Races and of ALL Countries. Genuine Speculative Masonry is a world of Select Men and Women, of Laborious Workers of the Future, of Knights who march at the vanguard of Progress. The Free-Masonic Order is an association of individuals who are ahead of their time; Individuals who feel their foreheads illuminated by the Sun of Another Era of Fraternity and Civilization. And, thus, animated by sublime hopes and congregated by a common feeling of Love, they know how and when to honor a Brother and/or Sister who has been a Good Builder, and for him/her, they reverently erect the most real and valuable "altar", the Altar of Respect and Admiration.

Authentic Speculative Masonry journeys toward the summit of Truth, that which in turn conducts Free-Masons through a path of True Love and Wisdom. Legitimate Speculative Masonry engenders Humanitarianism; For this should be one of the first virtues of every upright Man and Woman!. The Voice of Nature, from where the Universal Clamor of Humanitarianism is originated, compels us to love one another and to procure our mutual well-being. This, is the concise tenet of the True Religion of Humanity, the Masonic Religion.